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Brand Development

Brands are now more personal than ever before; old approaches, like focusing on brand presence alone  just won't cut it. Brands need to tell stories before selling, to strike meaningful dialogues between consumers, and, most of all, to maintain and sustain this relationship.

Personalizing your brand through ideas and stories

From a relatively unknown to a loved brand, a PR spin can work wonders via a fresh, authentic approach in brand building. The immense value of PR can never be downplayed as practitioners know media tools better than advertisers. .

MediaSense believes in the power of utilizing both traditional and digital media; the former being the used to first establish credibility, and the latter to highlight and extrapolate the idea to all possible relevant audiences.


Developing a brand from the ground to prominence is usually a protracted effort that utilizes many tools in communication, from public relations, influencer and media relations, to advertising. Today, we also take into mind the online user and consumer, including his channels, his preferences and consumer behavior. In making a successful brand promotion strategy, we follow these steps:

  • Establish brand credibility first in traditional and established media and use this as a platform to strengthen the brand online by aligning digital content that are relevant to the consumers.

  • Advertisers sell, publicists create stories and culture behind the brand or idea. Enhance the personality of your brand or idea by making it relatable and understandable.

  • Develop relationships between the brand and the stakeholders; gather all possible channels for the intended content to be placed.


  • A multi-faceted approach is a must for a brand to generate recognition by all types of media consumers; understand media culture and its subcultures and use these to the brand's advantage.

  • Push trendy, iconic, and creative brand promotion strategies through the use of digital media; do not be formulaic; be daring to use new concepts.

  • Maintain brand presence through consistent placement of relevant content and media across various channels.

  • Monitor the performance of each content placed according to the desired metrics of success; revise and re-align the strategy when needed.

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