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Event Concepts and Management

Selling your brand means having to experience it. Events breathe life into it and give it a bigger story to tell. MediaSense knows the importance of events and its multiplier effects on brand or idea promotion.


Drawing Success from Events

Events put your products or ideas in motion; with the needed effort and creativity, an event can combine communication tactics in one go — traditional media to cover them, digital media to promote, influencers to support them through their channels, that, overall, develop the brand.

  • Assess first the possible effects of mounting the event — if the event is needed, or if it could be done through other means

  • Understand the treatment of event content (press releases, online content) that will go with the execution of the event, where it will be placed and to whom

  • For physical events, engage the participants through meaningful activities; the event must generate relationships and not merely inform

  • For digital events, personalize the event for the target market, use digital promotion tactics to lure individuals for more viewership and engagements

  • Monitor the progression of the event from start to finish, modify the particulars of the event in order to achieve the maximum effect

Holistic Approach

With its experience, MediaSense has mastered how to achieve the intended effect through an event, whether it's for small niche groups or for big audiences; the key is using multiple communication tools to draw the needed publicity that will carry the success of your event.

  • Launch Concepts and Execution

  • Press Releases

  • Activations

  • Press Events

  • Online Events

  • Press Conferences

  • Promos

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