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Media Relations

Every idea or story must know the role of media in their success. MediaSense has a deep reservoir of understanding and good will with Philippine media which has elevated several brands and ideas into success.


Proponents of new ideas

Publications have innovated and expanded their presence in online media. Carrying their credibility and name into the digital age, these media have established their own brand personality that is well-received by their target markets.

MediaSense, composed of three generations of journalists, marketers and artists in its more than 20 years experience, understand the value of media in making the success of a brand or idea, and keeps abreast with all the trends, changes, innovations that traditional media undergo---the more new media grow and get younger, so does MediaSense.


These publications still maintain to keeping print reachable to the everyone---broadsheets, tabloids, regional newspapers, community or organizational-based publications are still the main sources of information for many people who appreciate tradition.

The media of today are the proponents of ideas; new formats like listicles, audio articles, galleries or even quizzes are the formats of today's content that make any idea or brand palatable and easy to understand.

MediaSense collaborates with the both traditional media like print, radio and TV, and their digital equivalents, as well as fully-digital media like news platforms, event pages, blogs, message boards to present the best stories to them---yours.

  • Press Activities

  • Press Releases

  • Photography

  • Media Placement

  • Advertorial, Layout and Creative Services

  • Book Publishing

  • Broadcast Spiels and Programs

  • Virtual Press Conferences

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