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Traditional Media

In an era of digital content as the norm, it's important to first establish legitimacy and credibility in a strong foundation and presence in traditiona media channels---newspapers, radio, TV, opinion leaders.


Establishing Credibility

When we hear 'traditional,' we are often reminded of the scenery of PR firms in the age before social media---publicists wrapping and packaging press releases from dawn 'till night, talking to press people and sending gifts to here and there in the hopes of having your 'release' put on paper.

MediaSense, however, believes in the power of both traditional and digital media; the former being the used to first establish credibility, and the latter to highlight and extrapolate the idea to all possible relevant audiences. With this, we follow this strategy:

  • Credibility first before promotion using traditional media channels

  • Establish solid relations with stakeholders before collaborations

  • Push trendy, iconic, and creative brand promotion strategies through the use of digital media

  • Maintain brand presence and respecting the target market

Time-Tested Comms Solutions

MediaSense, with its more than 20 years of experience, understands how communication problems emerge, and how to mitigate or resolve them in the desired effect, using visibility and development tactics that stir and motivate public opinion.


MediaSense's deep relationship with both established and emerging media makes it its strength in strategically placing ideas and stories where and when needed.

Visibility and development tactics refer to trying to achieve as much calculated and needed visibility as possible using established media as the foundation for an idea or story''s credibility and legitimacy;

MediaSense believes that for an idea, story, or brand to kick off, it must be first through achieving a solid first impression in solid established media.

  • Coverages and Reporting

  • Press Releases

  • Product Activations

  • Placements in Broadcast Media

  • Press Conferences

  • Placements in Print and Online Media

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